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Maintaining a property can be a very challenging and time-consuming task. Not only do you need to ensure that everything from plumbing to electricity works properly, but you also need to think about insurance, renovations and solving any issues that arise. If you’re very busy or lack any knowledge within this field, it can be very difficult to handle such tasks. That’s where a company like SBS Australia comes into play.

What is SBS Australia?

SBS or Simply Better Services is a property maintenance business that was established in 1973. Over the years, SBS Australia has grown to become one of the top facilities and property service businesses in Australia. SBS has been a part of the property maintenance industry for over 20 years, during which it accumulated some of the best skills and implemented the latest methodologies.

What makes SBS Australia different is the fact that it’s a solutions-focused business. The focus is on delivering customers state of the art, outstanding services that help them save time and money. SBS will always take into account the needs of a customer, but also their budget restrictions and deadlines. That way, you have access to outstanding property maintenance services which are highly efficient, delivered on time and as requested. Plus, you also receive customer support and immediate assistance when necessary.

Why should you use property maintenance services?

One of the main advantages of using property maintenance services is that you always ensure the cleanliness and high efficiency of your property. You don’t have to deal with any plumbing, debris, mold or rubbish. Everything is removed by the SBS Australia team, so you can focus on your important business tasks.

A property maintenance business will help you remove the clutter, tackle repairs, while also ensuring that your property’s market value is preserved. In addition, maintenance services can help prevent any potential safety issues which can arise in the long term.

With help from property maintenance services you can also handle things like property inspections. These services can also help deliver assistance during the winter as well. It’s the type of service which safeguards your business, while also keeping maintenance costs as affordable as possible.

How can SBS Australia help?

SBS Australia offers comprehensive property maintenance services for any industry. With a diverse array of maintenance services, SBS will always protect and maintain your business, while ensuring its efficiency and maintaining a very high standard.

Professional maintenance solutions

Once you work with SBS Australia, you have direct access to exceptional property maintenance services. These include handyman repairs, electrical and plumbing services, but also carpentry solutions as well. In addition, SBS can help you with plastering, rendering and painting, as well as a variety of repairs and rectifications. It’s the ideal way to ensure the efficiency and safety of your building, while also solving any issues that arise.

Cleaning services

Cleanliness is crucial for the employee wellbeing, but it also helps make a positive impression in the eyes of customers. With SBS Australia, you can access high quality property maintenance services, including office cleaning, high pressure washing, HVAC duct cleaning, window cleaning, disinfecting services, along with carpet steam cleaning and pest control.

Insurance services

SBS Australia can help with insurance services as well. The company offers a comprehensive list of insurance services that you can fully customize according to your needs. These range from electrical and plumbing insurance repairs to bathroom or even general insurance damage/repairs. Here you can also include things like disaster recovery claims or reinstatement work.

Engineering and project management

Upon working with SBS Australia, you will have access to a large variety of property maintenance perks. SBS can help with extensions for existing buildings, commercial fit-outs, but also staged facility upgrades or regular maintenance. Moreover, any cracks or damage will be repaired, so the building can return to its complete functionality. You will also receive quality assurance reports, along with comprehensive support and assistance.

Building management services

It’s very important to ensure that every building is carefully inspected and managed according to your company’s requirements and the latest regulations. SBS Australia ensures adequate compliance, while also helping your company with detailed, yet fully customizable building management solutions. These cover things like garden maintenance, changing lights, cleaning, rubbish removal and many others. You can rely on SBS for all caretaking duties, all of which are performed on time and on budget.

Renovations, fit-outs and new builds

There are many times when a company needs to expand its building or maybe improve upon what’s already there. SBS Australia can help with fit-outs, new builds or renovations for a variety of industries. These include research labs, banks, schools, government offices, shops, factories, hotels, real estate, clubs, corporate clients and many others.

Why should you choose SBS Australia?

  • SBS has over 20 years of experience in the facilities and property service industry.
  • You have direct access to comprehensive customer support and assistance.
  • Each SBS service is fully customizable to fit your needs. Since SBS is a company focused on problem-solving, you’ll always have access to a great team that helps provide great solutions to any property issue that might arise.
  • Emergency services are available 24/7, so if you encounter any problems within your business, you can always rely on SBS to help find a solution as quickly as possible.
  • You get complete access to insurance services, along with engineering and project management solutions.
  • The team at SBS Australia undergoes comprehensive training, and you’re always working with vetted industry experts you can rely on.


Finding great property maintenance services in Australia is easier than ever before, thanks to SBS. Whether you have a small or large business, SBS is here to deliver exceptional property maintenance solutions, all of which can be fully adapted to your requirements. You gain access to over 20 years of industry experience, state of the art equipment, along with a forward-thinking team that’s focused on problem-solving. If you need outstanding, fast, and affordable property maintenance services, don’t hesitate and contact SBS Australia today!

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