Deep Power Lithium Batteries

There are many situations when you need to step away from the grid; thus, you need a way to generate power for all your devices. Purchasing a reliable, dependable lithium battery is a great idea, and Deep Power comes with many options to focus on. But what makes these batteries great, and why should you consider purchasing them? Here are some of the things to keep in mind.

Versatile, high-quality batteries

One of the reasons why you want to buy Deep Power lithium batteries is they are very durable, reliable, and easy to use. The benefits are incredible, because you always have access to state-of-the-art batteries that can fulfill all your needs. These batteries are suitable for motorhomes, caravans, places where you rely on solar energy, etc. In addition, you will find these lithium batteries to be great for marine vehicles and even camping purposes. You’ll have an excellent time using these batteries and can rely on them for years to come. You can trust them to deliver excellent quality and exceptional value for money!

You can easily carry them around

At 13 kg, the Deep Power lithium batteries are not very heavy. You can easily carry them around, and taking them on an outdoor trip is very simple. That’s why many outdoor enthusiasts enjoy Deep Power products; they are great for marine expeditions and camping or caravan lovers. Many of us just want to explore outdoor locations without relying on the electrical grid, and that’s precisely what you are getting here.

Different options to choose from

Deep Power has 2 lithium battery models, the 100ah and 120ah options. They have identical features, however their capacity is different, and the 100ah battery is less heavy at just 11 kg instead of 13. It all depends on the capacity you need, if you need a smaller capacity, the 100ah model will be more than enough. It’s also more affordable, so you can save money while still fulfilling your needs.

Water resistant

When you think about lithium batteries, the idea of them being water resistant is not exactly something that crosses your mind right away. However, both the 100ah and 120ah Deep Power lithium batteries have an IP65 (water resistance) rating. That means the battery won’t get damaged even if you spray with a water jet from any angle. It won’t survive if it’s submerged in water, but a few water splashes will be fine. That shows the efficiency and exceptional quality of Deep Power batteries.

3 years of warranty

Warranty is very important, especially when it comes to electrical products. Thankfully, all Deep Power products come with 3 years of warranty. That means you will be fully protected in case anything breaks or if your product gets damaged. Now you’ll have a peace of mind knowing the Deep Power lithium batteries receive excellent support, and Deep Power will repair or replace your battery if there are any problems. The company even handles the battery pickup and delivery, so you just need to let them know when you have issues.


All Deep Power products are 100% Australian owned, and they ship the next business day once you initiate a purchase. In general, you’ll receive your product within 2-3 business days if you live in Australia. Considering the product size and type, you’re getting a very good and fast shipping experience. One thing to note is that due to how large these batteries are, they are only delivered at your address, no parcel locker, PO Box or post office pickup is available.

Easy to set up

When you purchase a lithium battery, you always want to ensure it’s easy to use and not that hard to set up. More and more batteries use complex systems that make them hard to set up. The Deep Power batteries are not like that. Instead, they offer a quick and easy setup, so you can start using them in just a few minutes. That makes it great for those situations when you are on the go and need a reliable source to power up your electrical products.

Very safe

Safety is paramount when you step away from the grid and rely on another source of energy. The Deep Power lithium batteries are excellent here because they provide a failsafe in case there are any overcharging/discharging issues. Your electrical products connected to the battery won’t get damaged in any way. Deep Power made sure that the system will stop automatically in case there are any issues, something that makes these batteries very reliable and suitable for any outdoor enthusiast.

Great operating range

Another reason why outdoor lovers will enjoy using the Deep Power lithium batteries is the operating range. These batteries are build to operate at temperatures ranging between -20°C to +60°C. That means they will work in colder environments, but also in extremely hot regions as well. Such batteries give you the dependability and versatility you need, while protecting any of the items/devices connected to them. It’s an excellent purchase for anyone that needs a great lithium battery at an affordable price.

Purchase your own Deep Power battery today

The Deep Power lithium batteries are widely known for their quality, versatility and ease of use. The company does an excellent job at integrating exceptional safety features, while still delivering excellent performance with every battery. Combine that with the great warranty and fast delivery, then you will see why Deep Power lithium batteries are an extraordinary option especially for anyone that needs batteries for outdoor purposes.

Thanks to the Deep Power batteries, it becomes a lot easier to power your caravan. It’s also the ideal way to tackle a variety of solar and marine projects. Plus, you can easily use such a battery if you go camping with the entire family. One thing is certain, any time you want a reliable and high quality lithium battery, we highly recommend giving Deep Power batteries a try, you can purchase your own from here at a very good price!

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