Deep power FAQ’s

Deep power batteries don’t have Bluetooth but you can add an external Bluetooth monitor or wired battery monitor to check battery voltage and discharge rate. We don’t sell battery monitors yet but you can purchase from aftermarket.  

Yes, you can connect up to 4 deep power lithium batteries in parallel and 2 in series. By connecting in parallel you increase the discharge rate, 2x – 200amps, 3x – 300amps & 4x – 400amps. By connecting two deep power lithium batteries in series you increase the voltage from 12volts to 24 volts.  

Deep power lithium batteries has ip65 rating this means they are splash proof, we don’t recommend our customers to fully dip our batteries into water.  

As deep power is a budget friendly lithium batteries either pouch, prismatic or cylindrical LiFePO4 lithium cells. Depends on price an availability. The performance of these 3 different cell types are all the same.

No, you can use any charger between 2 amps to 50 amps, per battery .

Yes, you can simply replace your agm or lead acid batteries with Deep power lifepo4 batteries.

No, its not a starter battery and we don’t recommend our customers to use our batteries to start motor vehicles.

We offer 3 years full warranty, when there is an issue we organise pickup from your location then we repair or replace at our convenience and deliver back to your physical location.

Yes, lithium batteries like to be left fully charged. We recommend charging your batteries and we recommend our customers to charge their battery’s every 3 months.

You need 3 batteries in parallel to run your 3000W inverter

Inverter guide:

1 battery – 1000w

2 battery – 2000w

3 battery – 3000w

No but we are 100% Aussie owned and operated business located in Brisbane, we have our own manufacturing plant in overseas. Keep in mind some brands claim ‘Made in Australia’ tag while they source lithium cells, case, bms and other parts from overseas and just do a small amount of assemble here.

Yes, deep power lithium batteries have a fully automatic BMS to protect and manage the battery. BMS cuts out at 10v minimum and 15.0 maximum. The BMS also shuts down if the temperature becomes to high.

Yes all Deep power lithium batteries use ABS plastic cases.

We accept returns for defective items. We don’t offer exchanges.